2 comments on “Do You Really Know?

  1. So true. Once I came across an image with the following words that reflect the same point: “Do not be fearful of challenging your own beliefs, it can can lead to great enlightenment. Think for a moment, if you were born in a different region of the world, and your guardians taught you different beliefs than you have now, would you still hold the exact same beliefs you do today? Most likely not, so wouldn’t that mean your beliefs are largely based on your region and upbringing? Sometimes in the ‘school of life’ it is not only important to continue learning, but to unlearn that which does not agree with you anymore.Go within.
    -Expanded Consciousness” 🙂 http://otrazhenie.wordpress.com/2013/03/09/do-not-be-fearful-of-challenging-your-own-beliefs/

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