Lucramotives is a new concept and brand that was started by Nolan Unruh. The name itself is a combination of the words “lucrative” and “motives” and a spin off of the word “locomotive”. Our mantra is, “passion 2 profit.” This is a three word summary of what our entire concept/brand is about. What this means is use your passion as a means of profit; not only economically, but also spiritually, educationally, mentally, physically, etc. We also strive to use our passion in a way that others can profit from as well. Thus, “lucrative,” meaning to produce a great deal of profit, takes on a more abstract definition with our concept/brand. The locomotive spin-off of our name simply means that our idea, once put into motion, will not and can not be stopped. Our current goal is to build our name and spread our message to gain more exposure. The purpose of this blog is to give people a first-hand look at what our concept/brand is about and what we stand for and also to get a feel for who we are as well as using it as a platform to express ourselves to the world. Thank you for checking out our blog.


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